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Well, here it is. Every club member must dutifully consume one of these babies every morning before we go on the river. And there's no mercy if we don't hit the water; that just means it's Land Spodie time!

This is the official recipe for the dreaded Hog River Spodie. Non-alcoholic Spodies are prepared in the same way, just using N/A ingredients. All aspiring Spodie Masters should take particular note...

Ingredients (per person):

  • One (1) Official Spodie Cup, 16 ounce minimum
  • Eight (8) ounces of the cheapest and/or crappiest warm beer available, preferably saved from the Spodie seven years ago
  • Eight (8) ounces of the cheapest and/or crappiest rotgut by-the gallon red wine
  • One (1) ice cube


Preferably in the sun (if available), lay out the proper number of cups; one for each member present. Into each cup pour eight (8) ounces of the red wine. Fill the rest of each cup with warm beer, being sure to pour from a sufficient height to promote slight foaming. Allow the Spodies to beathe (translation: cook in the sun) for at least five minutes. Just prior to consumption, add a single ice cube to each Spodie. Preparation is complete.

Now drink your Spodie!

Special Note: This is the official recipe, but one aspect of the preparation has heen omitted as of late... the ice cube. Rumor has it that the original intent of the ice cube was to force the slow consumption of the Spodie, however Spodie Drinking has become a contest to see who can choke it down it the fastest. Much pride is taken in being the first to yell...



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