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Following are the governing Articles, Rules & By-Laws of the Hog River Canoe Club.
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THE ARTICLES (current revision is 2008.1)

Article 1: There are no other governing articles or rules other than those stated here. The Senior Executive Committee is responsible for all changes to the rules.

Article 2: The official club drink is the "SPODIE". Everyone drinks a "SPODIE" each day, no exceptions. Non-drinkers are provided with non-alcoholic "SPODIES".

Article 3: Social Directors are neither required nor tolerated. Do what you want, don't do what you don't want. Everyone is expected to help as needed.

Article 4: The Senior Executive Committee makes all important decisions, rulings, judgement calls, resolution of disputes, is the court of last appeal and controls any matter of importance to the membership. The decisions of the Senior Executive Committee are final and binding on all members.

Article 5: A life vest must be worn at all times when on the water alone for any reason. A life vest must be put immediately whenever any member requests it, without question. Every Rookie must advise the Executive Committee prior to going on the water for any reason, especially if he cannot swim.

Article 6: The official club color is Orange. Members should display the Hog Orange with pride at club events.

Article 7: The Annual Trip (a.k.a Trip) is the primary gathering of the Hog River Canoe Club. The Annual Trip is normally scheduled for late August.


Rule 1: The Hog River Canoe Club is a strictly non-profit organization run by volunteers. The Annual Fee is set every year at the Annual Business Meeting for the following year's Trip. Fees paid are not refundable. Seats on the Trip are only guaranteed by payment of the Annual Fee in advance or in compliance with approved payment schedules. Everyone pays. The Senior Executive Committee may waive the Annual Fee for service to the club of equivalent value.

Rule 2: The maximum number of people allowed on the Trip is twenty-five (25). Rookies are only accepted if there are less than twenty-five Members attending. Rookies are placed on the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. The request to bring a Rookie must be accompanied by the Annual Fee for the Rookie and his sponsor. No member may invite more than one Rookie per year. If a Rookie is prevented from coming on the Trip because the twenty-five person limit is reached, his Annual Fee will be refunded.

Rule 3: New Members may not invite Rookies until they have attended three (3) Annual Trips.

Rule 4: Rookies are responsible for the following:

A. All firewood.
B. Cleaning and securing the watercraft each night.
C. Any tasks assigned by the Rookie Master or the Senior Executive Committee.

Rookies are not responsible for taking orders or direction from anyone other than those listed in C above. Rookies are Rookies until there are more Rookies, and until they survive an Annual Trip.

Rule 5: The Rookie Master will be changed every three (3) years.

Rule 6: The Spodie Master is responsible for all things relating to the consumption of Spodies. There is no term limit for the Spodie Master.


1. Committe Membership:

Senior Executive Committee - 16+ Trips.
Executive Committee - 10 - 15 Trips.
Junior Executive Committee - 5 to 9 Trips.

2. Participation and Survival Awards:

Survival Awards are bestowed as one Star for every five Annual Trips survived.

Secondary Club Events are events to which all Members are invited, regardless of attendance, and at which Spodies are consumed. Participation in Secondary Club Events is tracked separately and recognized accordingly.

3. Special Annual Awards:

The Mark Williams Memorial Rookie of the Year
Running Dummy
Blown Bladder
Outstanding Fisherman
Various Tournament winners and losers.

4. Tournament Rules:

A. Outstanding Fisherman will be selected by a vote of the Executive and Senior Executive Committees.

B. All tournaments will be double elimination.

C. All teams will be selected by random draw except for returning champions, who will defend their titles. If a defending champion team Member is not present, he will be replaced by selection from anyone present by the team Member(s) present.

D. Resolution of disputes - See Article 4 above.

E. Running Dummy Award - Running Dummy is awarded to the Member most deserving of such a title. Points are loosely tracked by the Senior Executive Committee.

F. Blown Bladder Award - The Blown Bladder Award is given to the first Member to "Break the Seal" once the club is afloat. The "winner" is responsible for supplying a round of drinks that night. This contest is in effect for each river day with the same "prize", although the official award winner is determined only on the first river day.



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