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First off, if you've been sponsored by a Hog to become an HRCC Rookie, congratulations! If you haven't been sponsored then don't bother reading any further... you can't join. Don't ask... just go away.

As a potential Rookie, your Sponsor has thought highly enough of you to invite you into this very exclusive club. This is an honor that must be treated as such. It is your obligation to make certain that no other club member looks at your Sponsor and says "You fucking idiot, what did you bring him for?"

For many Hogs, participation in this Club is something of a religious experience. Hogs have been known to agonize for years over the seemingly simple decision of whether or not to bring someone on the Trip. Though they may be surrounded by friends and colleagues in their day-to-day life, some Hogs have never sponsored a Rookie for the simple reason that none of their potentials have been up to the standard.

It is a tough standard. It is a non-negotiable standard. For most men, it's an unattainable standard. And you will be held to it. If you disappoint us or fail to show respect for your Sponsor we will be done with you. No second chances, ever.

As for Rookie duties and responsibilities, there are only a few. Rookies get the firewood. Under the direction of the Rookie Master, they are responsible for making sure that there is enough fire wood on hand to keep everybody happy. We've been known once or twice to burn about 7 cord in a weekend. Not usually, but that's a Hog Fire.

Rookies are also in charge of cleaning out the flotilla. Sometimes easy... sometimes hard... you never know. Swabbin' the decks, as they say.

Rookies must also abide the Rookie Master and the Senior Executive Committee. Sometimes shit needs doing, and Rookies get called first. One common thing is pushing the flotilla through the shallows.

If you choose to accept sponsorship and become a Rookie, then you are in for a rare and fulfilling experience. You'll never meet a group of men like this again. And if your Sponsor has done his job and chosen well in you, we won't have to kill him.

Only kidding... well, not really.


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