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2008 Mini-Trip Email

Greetings Brother Hogs! 

I wonder if anyHog is ready for a little respite from the daily humdrum.  Well I am.  So in the spirit of last year, let's have a Mini-Trip!  The Mini this year will be held again at Brother Paul Brosnihan's (Dolphin Fucker) cabin in VT and it will be a Leap Year event starting on Friday, February 29th and running through Sunday, March 2nd.  Just like last year I have no idea when anybody will show up.  So we'll just wing it.

I have the directions somewhere, so if you need them lemme know.  I think I posted them on the website, but I ain't sure... hold on a sec... nope, never mind, I didn't.  Easy enough to find, I suppose.  I have 'em if you need 'em.

A couple of notes and/or refreshers for this Mini... Attendees will chip in this time to cover the expense of the plowing, which Dolphinius has diligently arranged for avoidance of dead, frozen Hogs.  Smokers will bring coffee cans (or the like) for their butts, as throwing butts off the porch (like last year) is NOT acceptable.  Food will be foraged ad-hoc and will be settled on-the-fly, and the purple pleasure that is Spodie will be in attendance *evil grin*.   

If you're planning on coming, remember that it's probly gonna be cold.  Crocs are not approved footwear, as snow tends to squinch in through the gay little holes and chill the piggies.  They are, however, approved as high-quality fire kindling devices. 

So, spread the good word to everyHog you can think of.  I'll be calling those that I don't have email addresses for, but a little cross-coverage never hurts.  Call me, email me, whatever to let me know if you're coming... gotta make sure there's enough Spodie parts to go around.  Talk to you soon, and hopefully see you on the mountain!

Fire Fucker

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