Psycho Dean doesn't play paintball like everybody else... he has his own style. Here's how he sees it...


  • One on one is not fun. One on 3 or more, now that's fun.
  • It's no fun if they don't know where you are.
  • If they're shooting at you, your teammates can move.
  • Getting shot at is fun.
  • Play hard. If you don't feel it, you aren't playing hard enough.


  • Do not stay in one place in a fire fight too long. Even the best cover will eventually run out.
  • Before you move from cover, know where you are going and where your opposition is.
  • Work in pairs or groups. If you work in pairs or groups, it is possible to get the angle on any cover.
  • Look for and find the angle for any and all opponents.
  • Watch and learn what each players strength's and weaknesses are:

Do they attack fast?
Do they have a preferred angle?
Do they have a preferred plan?
Do they hold back and sniper you?


  • Put your heart into it !
  • Do not underestimate anyone.
  • Work in a team and cover the person you are with.  If they are the point man move with them don't make them a really good target by leaving them high and dry.
  • If you can hit them, try... whoever it is.  Don't worry about who it is.  OK, maybe worry if its me.
  • If the only target you have is a head shot do not take it.  I  say once more, IF THE ONLY TARGET YOU HAVE IS A HEAD SHOT DO NOT TAKE IT.  It  won't count and if you wait there will be a good clean shot.
  • Don't shoot me.  I might write about you and make you a really good target next time.
  • On second thought, forget  the last one.  It's fun to be a target.
  • Andy likes to be hit in the balls. (Everybody loves to pick on me! AO)