The Disposable Heroes' brand of paintball is somewhat unique. If you are a hoser (a person who goes out on the field with 2,000,000 paintballs and uses them all) then don't bother reading any further because we're not for you.

We organize paintball games because we enjoy it. We are not a business and we make no money from any game that we put on. What the players pay is what it costs us to buy the supplies and maintain the equipment. We don't offer refunds to players who cannot, for one reason or another, attend a game for which they have signed up. We acquire supplies in advance for our games and we would lose money if confirmed people didn't show. We do, however, allow players to give their slots to people who are able to attend.

We limit the amount of paint that each player may carry during a game (what a concept!). Here's why:

  • By limiting paint we effectively make all types of paint guns competetive with each other. Semi-auto's find it a bit more difficult to subdue a pump gun and a pump sniper can do a lot of damage.
  • It's extremely rare that anyone ever gets hosed. Eliminations are nearly always made in less than three shots.
  • It makes the play very tactical. It's much more fun to out-play an opponent rather than to out-splat him. Volume fire doesn't work in our games.
  • The cost of games is reduced dramatically. We play all day for about, get this, $25. That's all the paint, all the air, everything. It even includes a gun if you don't have one. Try to do that at a commercial field!

We don't tolerate any crap. We are very picky about who we let play with us. We do this for safety reasons, but also because great people make for great fun. We believe that anyone, regardless of age or sex or background, can have a great time playing paintball as long as they have a positive atitude. We have never had to invoke our ejection policy which is "one strike and you're out". Cheaters and trouble-makers are not welcome.

Head and neck shots never count. No player is allowed to deliberately shoot at another's head. Head shots smart, new players don't like them, and we have very few compared to commercial operations.

Safety is tantamount. We are unwavering in our commitment to safe paintball. We do not allow dangerous play at any time and all equipment is safety certified and regularly inspected. All gun velocities are regulated to below 280fps by chronograph. Yes, that's 20fps slower than most fields. The reason is that we have found that our brand of paintball involves much more close-in action.

We play only on legal fields. We have a home field in North Brookfield which has quite the terrain for paintball. The land owner is very generous, and allows us to build whatever structures we like. We also play occasionally at a commercial field in Upton called Friendly Fire. We play scheduled games rain or shine. The only weather conditions that prevent us from holding scheduled games are sub-zero temps, blizzards and hurricanes. We've found that playing in the rain adds a new dimension to paintball... extreme stealth.

We are sober players. No alchohol (or other intoxicant) is allowed.

We operate on the premise that an official's decision is final. No confusion here. Sounds pretty strict, huh? Well it is. But with the players we have all this stuff is just common sense. We like it safe. If you do too, let us know.

Here are the full Rules And Regs in PDF.