What to Wear

  • Comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.
  • Layers of lightweight clothing. It's cooler in the mornings than it is in the afternoon. Also, you'll probably get a little warmer once you start running around. Adrenaline is a factor here.
  • Solid footwear that provides good ankle support and traction. Hightop sneakers and hiking boots are good choices.
  • Even if you are planning on using the field's coveralls (if available), consider wearing natural coloured (or camouflage) clothing. Think black, green and brown.
  • Long sleeves, turtlenecks, hats or bandannas, lightweight gloves, and 'athletic support' (for men) are recommended. Paintballs can, after all, sting. Women might want to look into wearing a padded bra for the day, as well.
Things to Bring
  • Extra cash for more paintballs and CO2 refills/cartridges. About $25 per person is generally sufficient.
  • Camera gear to get pictures of your friends looking silly in green suits.
  • A set of dry clothes and footwear for the ride home.
  • Plastic or garbage bags to put your dirty clothes and shoes in.
  • A cooler with extra pop or juice (NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - buy these at the bar after the game)
  • Bug spray
  • Sun screen

Listen Up

You will be given an orientation briefing. Pay attention. They'll go over things like game and field rules, how to use the equipment and most importantly: SAFETY. Just remember, you won't be sent home if you can't remember how to load your marker, but you WILL be sent home if you are an unsafe player.

The field staff is there to help you, so ask if you have a problem. If you have a complaint, voice it politely and calmly. You can get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

Signing the Waiver

You will have to sign a waiver before you are allowed to play. In fact, you'll have to sign it before you get any of your gear. It's one of the first things the field staff will get you to do when you arrive.

Here is an example of a waiver form. NOT ALL WAIVER FORMS ARE EXACTLY AS SHOWN.

Click Here to see the waiver

The "Pros"

On your game day, you may notice other paintball players there. New players mistakenly refer to these players as "pros" or "professionals". They are just paintballers who play on a regular basis and have their own equipment. Try not to be intimidated by them. Don't be afraid to ask questions about their gear. By and large, the experienced players are nice, down-to-earth people.

There are some experienced players who do have bad attitudes, just ignore them. They forget that they were newbies once, too. If you have any complaints about their behavior, go to the field staff and let THEM handle it.