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"I like Hogs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Hogs treat us as equals."
- Winston Churchill(ish)


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Family Camping
Fri 8/15 - Wed 8/20, 2014

Administrative Day
Wed 8/20, 2014

Canoe Trip
Thu 8/21 - Sun 8/24, 2014

Always the weekend BEFORE the Labor Day long weekend!


Thanks to everyHog who made the 40th Trip awesome! You guys rock.

It is with great sadness that I remove Paul Ducharme from the roster. Rest in Peace, Paulie. As per his request, we will be burying him in the River on the Trip this year by launching his ashes from a new HogTek. A fitting farewell for a loved Hog.

I know you guys look forward to the Letter, but I just haven't had time to do it. Sorryness, Shit Happens.

  • Twenty Hogs and no Rookies attended in '13. Three Hogs were Re-Rookies <evil grin>.
  • Club dues will remain at $120 for at least this year. Everybody is paid up through '13.
  • Wednesday administrative day will again be Family Camping exit day. Please make them go ontime.
  • Only Re-Rookies in '13, and it was the first ever Re-Rookie of the Year. Good job Chris C.
  • Mark C. earned his 20th Year Survival Star. Paul B. and Little Timmy T. earned their 10th, and Ken Doll got his 5th! Congrats!
  • Nate won Blown Bladder, and still owes the fine. Paul B won golf. Can't memba the other tourneys, but please tell me.

Here are the maps and docs for the sections of the Connecticut that the HRCC frequents. There's some other official-type crap too.
Remember the Mardi Gras? Here's a list of gentleman's establishments that'll make your Little Hog happy on the trip home. (Pigs included).
Ever wonder where the Running Dummy Award came from? Here's the Legend of Chief Running Dummy and other interesting HRCC tales.
Here's a little bacon humor. We'll add to it from time to time.
Here's the official recipe for that timeless classic, the Hog River Spodie.
The quest to build a high-performance spud gun continues. Check out the progress... and consider building your own HogTek SpudChucker!
For all the potential Rookies out there, this is the page for you. It warns you about all the nasty things to can expect on your First Hog River Canoe Trip.
Ever wonder why Shit Happens? People have pondered this fundamental question for ages, and after much investigation here are the results.
The Disposable Heroes do recreational paintball the old-school way. Here's where you'll learn how to play safe and cheap too!
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